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Man in need of counseling in Brandon, FL


Get Counseling Services in Brandon, FL

At Keystone Counseling we are committed to the prevention, education, and treatment of addictions and behavioral disorders in a safe, understanding and discreet environment including:

Counseling and aiding individuals and families in dealing with addiction including pornography.

Formulating individual programs for treatment and rehabilitation.

Coordinating interviewing and screening of clients for potential program participation and services.

Planning and evaluating follow-up and after care programs for client.

Developing individual addiction counseling programs.

Develop and present educational and training programs, workshops, and seminars on addiction.

Conferring with client's family to identify needs, problems, and to ensure that family business is attended to.

Determining nature and extent of a criminal record (if any) and current and prospective social problems.

Preparing informational packets for social agencies and assistance organizations/ programs for the client.

Interview client to determine social progress, individual problems, needs, interests and attitude.

Working with client in establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships.